Costa Rica Paradise wants to buy the 50 acre property which includes the beautiful paragliding launch. We want to preserve the launch, and sell 10 two acre lots within the 50 acres, while preserving the launch and a large portion of the property.

Bird's eye view of the launch and property.
The launch is the bare spot on the left side of the picture. The top of the picture is north. There is a narrow trail leading directly north of the launch, while the public road is slightly to the right or east of launch. The property continues on both sides of the visible public road up to the small bare spot on the upper left third edge of the photo. Then the public road forms the northern boundary of the property, slanting gradually to the right and down in the photo. The right edge of the photo is the approximate eastern boundary, while the pasture towards the bottom right forms the southern boundary. Notice the unspoiled forest that makes up the bulk of the property.

Another view of the property looking east. The launch is the large bare spot on the right lower corner. The western boundary of the property continues to the left or north of launch to the bare spot to the left. The northern edge of the property is the road, and the southern boundary the pasture to the right.

middle road dividing the property
Heading north on the public road, with the property on both sides and the northern boundary at the sign, where the public road turns to the right.

This is the private road that leads east off the public road, dividing the property and providing access to the mountain view lots.

Copia de overlay
Here is a large scale topo with the property located in the red rectangle

This is a "plano" of the property showing the launch and road locations. The "natural terrace" is a forested flat area near the ridge line that could easily have 3 or 4 building sites. Other sites could be on either side of the "internal trail" which is really a one lane dirt road.

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