Save the Dominical launch!

One of the most beautiful and important paragliding sites in Costa Rica, the Dominical launch, also known as Escaleras launch is for sale. Costa Rica Paradise wants your help to save it.
We are at risk of losing one of the most beautiful paragliding sites anywhere. Yet there is also an exciting opportunity to save it! There are about 50 acres for sale, including the launch area. The launch stands 1800 feet above steep unspoiled tropical forest with a commanding view of the coast to the north and south. Many pilots who have flown there consider it one of the most beautiful places they have ever flown. The land behind the launch slopes back, with a central dirt road. The public road borders the land to the north, and pasture land borders the land to the south.

The original owner estimated 15 lots would be available, while a more conservative approach will be 10 lots, not including the launch. There are several potential lots to the north of the launch with panoramic views of the ocean, and numerous potential lots behind the launch with valley views and views of Diamonte waterfall, the tallest in the country. The public road continues on to the tiny settlement of San Salvador and the Nauyaca Waterfall, one of the most beautiful falls in the country 30 minutes away.

Most of the land is second growth forest, with lush vegetation and abundant bird life including toucans and kites. Howler monkeys are often sighted on the property, and locals have informed us that both small cats called jaguarundis and the rare large gentle Baird’s tapir traverse the property. Even with 10 building sites on the property plenty of the natural beauty and wildlife can remain unspoiled.
Pilots fly from the launch to the local soccer field (plaza de futbol) or the Dominicalito beach. On a good day pilots often fly north to land on the Dominical beach, or sometimes south to land on the Playa Hermosa beach near Uvita. Paragliding provides substantial income for local shuttle drivers, and pilots support the small pulparias (corner stores) in the local community of Poza Azul. Pilots have contributed money to the small Escaleras school on the mountain side road heading to launch. Maintaining the launch will be good for the local economy of Poza Azul and the more tourist based economy of Dominical and Uvita.
high above launch
If a non-paraglider buys the property we are likely to lose one of the outstanding paragliding sites in Costa Rica. There is some debate whether the launch is large enough for a home lot, but talk with local inspectors leads us to believe that it is, and it obviously has one of the premier views in the country.
Up until 3 years ago the road leading up from Domincalito was very bad rutted dirt road. The main section was paved 2 years ago by Costa Verde to access their property, which has 2 acre lots selling for $200,000 facing the mountains, and $300,000 facing the ocean.

In March 2010 the road up to the ICE tower (pronounced eee-say) from the Costa Verde road was vastly improved with grading and will have eventual paving by ICE, who need access to their tower. The remaining road to the property is more level and in good condition, and is a public road. ICE is the Costa Rica power and telephone conglomerate.

main access road

The goal of Costa Rica Paradise is to preserve the property and set up an LCC and non-profit trust. The non-profit trust would be to preserve the launch as well as much of the surrounding land. The LCC would manage 10 lots of about 2 acres each within the 50 acre parcel. There are areas where several lots could be clustered, and areas where maximum privacy could be assured, depending on preferences.

How can you help?
Are you interested in being a part of saving one of the most important paragliding sites in Costa Rica?
Would you like an unfinished lot within minutes of one of the most beautiful flying sites in the world?
Would you like to be part of a low impact environmentally friendly mountain community?
Would you like to design your own getaway in Costa Rica?
Would you like to save a site that provides jobs for the local community, while preserving a low impact source of tourist revenue?
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